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Taking Your Career To The Second Act Exponentially   

​EVERY day TV shows, commercials, and movies are made. Actors study written scripts and "act" out characters that convince, persuade, influence or inspire the viewing audience of the authenticity of the role they are playing. Cue cards and teleprompter's are used for television host, news reporters, and audience members; and now add to that Reality TV, edited for drama and suspense. Keeping all this in mind, understand that written words are given to them to study, read, rehearse, and speak.

PERHAPS you can use some these same tools, tactics, and techniques in your career change, and be intentional about taking your career to the second act exponentially using these same methods. During this research project, I am making dynamic discoveries and ideas that may help you through the process. Perhaps these practical approaches will give you inspiration into "how to" proceed through the career transition.


Career test are usually one of the easiest ways to answer the question, "Where do I start"?

Think of your dreams and aspirations as you take the test.

Take the test without thinking about your previous work experience; choose answers based what you would "Love To Do?". The result of your responses will give a list of career interest and options. Explore and research your results for... Ideas, Insight, and Inspiration.     

Keep in mind you are considering one of

  many different career or small business possibilities.

NOW keep your results from the test of what you would love to do for a monthly review and track your progress, this makes the transition a little easier because you now have a Career² Small Business roadmap to explore numerous opportunities with multiple career options. O.K., now that you have discovered the direction you would like to go or perhaps a confirmation your on a career path, apply the following three (3) simple steps to your results:

  1. Start by choosing three (3) career interest from the test results. Research Research is key, (this provides information and preparation) read about the industry, it's products and/or services. You can also expand your research to other fields taken from your career test answers that maybe related or connected in some way. 

This will cause a serendipitous effect (excitement) by forming a new

idea or discovery: 

For ex: "career" is related to needing a resume, cover letters, networking, etc., however, clothing, makeup, alarm clock are connected to these also, you need to these items to be prepare to present yourself.

Read book reviews, summaries, pdf subject area, and trade magazines, you will find that as your review these websites more insight will become available for you.

You can also find FREE courses on a variety of subjects. Gather your RESEARCH notes simplify them by category or topic, staple it together in three places like a "script". Study the script "AS IF" your auditioning for an acting role, (interview) highlight the job like lines for the position you seek in your Career² Small Business. (p.s. click on the image for a short-cut to this procedure).

Now, let your second career "Act" lead to new career opportunities or perhaps this may open the way for

 a small business endeavor:

Lights, Camera, Let's Take Action:

Next, write a script of a carefully thought out plan of action. Use this as an opportunity to re-write your movie, a sequel, or start your OWN next chapter, and give it a spectacular ending!

Read, write, and study your script!!!

Use the tools, strategies, and suggestions you have gathered from your research. Memorize the job de"SCRIPT"ion until you actually feel ready to take on the role (position). Rehearse for the role, have fun with it, "ACTORS" do it all the time, and get paid to do it!

2.   You can also do further research at your main library branch. Making friends with your local librarian can help direct you to  useful sources of information you may not have thought of;  they have access to the current career books, articles, media, and publications.  Take notes to capture your personal ideas, information, possibilities for referencing at a later time.

Also, be sure to check the monthly calendar for FREE classes of interest to you at their websites. If your a novice in your career field of choice, perhaps audio or video learning may be best for you, it's EASY, FAST, and FUN. You can also find FREE resources at, available at this link.

3.  Lastly, go through a list of your favorite movies, this should give you clues, hints, and secrets to what really inspires you,  one of the keys to your to your Career² Small Business. Only now your watching it not for entertainment but enlightenment!!!     



2023 Career² Small Business™

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