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2017 Career Change Opportunties

1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce, this is a network of

business owners.

2. Try your local Toastmasters.

3. Become a Mediator, endless opportunities.

4. Your local Cable company or Direct TV has hundreds

of networks, call your favorite channels.

5. Volunteer in the field of your career choice, a good way to

test it out.

6. Contact the Author of your favorite book.

7. Your favorite non-profit can use your help, become a Consultant

to them.

8. Convention Centers- trade shows, industries, salesmen, unions,

etc., have conventions all year.

9. Coliseums have sports events, concerts, and traveling shows

all year.

10. Compile a list of Startups in your field. They're not laying off.

11. Your online banking has a list of Companies, perhaps you can

use that list to search for career opportunities.

12. Be specific in your career field, compile a list of the

CEO's in your field, read about "how" they got started,

and what inspired them.

13. You can always use your experience and become a

Life Optimization Coach.

14. Lastly, refer to,"A Journal & A Dream". Get career

answers personally designed just for you, created from

your questions about your ideal career.

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