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4 Easy Steps to Career Change

Updated: May 17

Easy Steps to Career² Small Business Opportunities

1. Use your career map and Google the field(s) your pursuing,

click on image, a host of company logos and websites should


2. Research the website for the company mission, take note of

their products or services (this is an excellent way to

discover Career² or Small Business opportunities). Read the

company newsletters. Read their Facebook, twitter feeds,

and blogs, find out what they are doing. You may come across

a conversation starter to use during your interview process.

3. Also, click on news to find out current events in your career

field and also video. Watch, listen, take notes for

information, insight, and inspiration.

4. Write a carefully thought out script from your notes that

inspires you to "act" the part you play in your new Career²

Small Business career.

Doing your interview can be easy now that you understand

the mission, and the company vision. You have actually

scripted the conversation in advance of what you think may be

said; however, you can redirect the conversation to what you

can do to solve a problem, how you can add value, or perhaps

increase their bottom line, therefore showing your genuine

interest in the company.

RESULTS: This preparation process gets you comfortable before your actual interviews in your chosen career. Your enthusiasm coupled with your notes should give you the desire to seek opportunities in your field of interest.

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