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Career Characters

Each entry consist of a written description and a breakdown of the "fine details", including education, salary, jargon, hazards, rewards, and a typical daily schedule.

What You Will Find:

Provides An Overview of the advantages of using the profession in fiction, so you can decide if it's right for your character

Job Description gives an overview of a job and it's general responsiblilites so you

know the basics of your character's job

Daily Life walks you through the typical daily duties and covers "buzzwords" your

character may use and clothing they may wear

Education explains the educational requirements of profession

Job Conflicts presents the main conflicts that people in the profession face.

Here, you'll find helpful ideas for developing plots and character and conflicts

  • Jobs Within The Profession is a detailed breakdown of specific jobs with the field. You'll find information on the basics of the "sub-profession", including duties, education, and more. You'll also find resources for further researching the individual job.

  • Additional Occupations is a list of "related occupations" you may want to consider researching...

  • Nonfiction Resource nonfiction books, documentary movies

  • Fiction Resources list novels, movies, and televisions shows that feature the profession

  • Web Sites offers the best Web sites for general research of the profession

Beyond This Book

This book will help you expertly represent professions... that will build your confidence in your ability to portray these professions well.

Careers For Your Characters

Makes it easier than ever by providing "detailed" deSCRIPTions for the ninety-nine most written about professions - everything from ad executives to waiters...

Careers for Your Characters:

A Writer's Guide to 101 Professions from

Architect to Zookeeper

Career² Small Business...

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