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Five Things About Professional e-Portfolios at Pathbrite.

January/February 2013 Black Enterprise

1. It provides a place where people track and showcase what you have learned

and achieved by digitized examples and photos of your work, transcripts and

test scores.

2. In each portfolio, you have the opportunity to give it a title, description,

or tags to explain what it means to you and what your role was with it.

3. For students e-portfolio helped improve writing and critical thinking skills.

Students were better able to articulate what they learned better to potential


4. You can pro actively create an e-portfolio to avoid employers from

scrutinizing your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, etc.

5. Employers can assess your fit with what you love doing and what you're good

at. It's an exciting customized visual version of your script...

Perhaps you can use this tool for your Career² Small Business opportunities.

P.S. There is also VisualCV . The visuals on your resume will say to your prospects

you are current and relevant. This online resume has a host of visuals you

can include like charts, graphs, audio, video, images, and you can create

your own URL. Check out the resumes of students, business consultants,

entertainers... VisualCV.

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