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Do You Have a Voice?

A key to your Career² Small Business:

You can use your career experiences and assemble a presentation package. You have experience, know-how, or you may have changes you would make. Just imagine your first time in the field,

Speak Up: An Illustrated Guide to Public Speaking

what you wish someone told you!! With this information you are

able to give informative, transformative insight and get paid, this

Public Speaking Crush It! Home Study Course offer will show you


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You can give speeches about "how to" get in the industry, what to prepare for, the secret of

your success in the field, any number of interesting topics, it's exciting and it's limitless!!!

The 7 Principles of Public Speaking: Proven Methods from a PR Professional

Consider making presentations at colleges, unemployment offices, or your local chambers of

commerce (an excellent place to network with industry insiders).

10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking

Also, you can discover opportunities that are not easily accessible. For example, Toastmaster International offers free resources, online videos, and membership support for layman or professional public speaking skills. There are local offices in your area, and you have the opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals.

The Most Creative, Escape the Ordinary, Excel at Public Speaking Book Ever: All The Help You Will Ever Need In Giving A Speech

Maybe this is your Career2 Small Business opportunity.... speak up!

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