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Experience Not Necessary

Most of the time changing your career requires that you either have a degree or be highly skilled in that specific area. However, are your passionate about what you already do if you are employed? Is it something that inspires you without motivation or encouragement?

You already have what it is that gives you a feeling of ease and flow, you already do it... Ask the people who are closes to you, or think about what people always say about you. Some people used to say to me, "you talk to much", but once I realized hey, that's what I should have went to college for, communications. That's how long it's been since I have heard that. Although, at the time I thought little of it, more so as criticism and gossip; but now I realize communication is the ultimate of life. We can't possibly know what's going on in the world without communication. The boom in social media has proven the power of communication.

Although communication is part of my life's purpose, there is something that you do that's a part of yours. What is it? Wouldn't you like to know?

Ask your family and intimate others. Listen to the comments of friends and foes? You just may come away with hints, clues, and suggestion about your next career move.

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