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Taking Your Career To The Second Act Exponentially


Auditions are like interviews. Actors audition for a role from lines they

have memorized or rehearsed demonstrating their professional "acting" skills. The director (employer) has to test the ability of the cast member (candidates),

by having a "screen test" of the scene.

Employers interview candidates for a career opportunity in their company. The candidate has to show how their "professional skills" will meet the need. They also assess how well you will do (perform), and are you easy to work with as they consider you for the position (role).

Casting Call:

An announcement goes out that a Director is casting a roll for an actor(s) to

play a part in a stage, television, movie. Employers advertise career

opportunities, for qualified candidates, you apply for the position. Both

individuals "audition", (interview) and then wait for a "callback". An actor, (candidate), may go through several casting calls (interviews) before receiving

the part (position).

Cast of Characters:

Cast members chosen to play roles in a stage, television or movie. Sometimes the characters role are completely fictional; thought of as an idea formed into

a character by the writer of the script for stage, television or movie.

Cue Cards:

Or they can be called "note cards" with words written on them to help actors, television hosts, and speakers read or memorize lines they need to say. Larger cue cards are used out of camera for television host, news reporters, and audience participation during the program as reminders of what to say or do, i.e., who their next guest is, commercial break, audience clapping for the next guest.

Dress Rehearsal:

A final rehearsal of the artistic work just before a performance. Everything is in place. Props, scenes, extras, and actors are dressed the part they play for the production. The clothing gives character to the actor's role, along with the other elements that give the audience a convincing performance.

Sound Check:

Voice over is the unseen voice heard in commercial, television, cartoon

characters, etc.

Star Power Reading

Is exponential reading. Actors read and study a script for the "role" they are

to play on stage, television or movie, this gives them star power.

Your Oscar:

Congratulating yourself on a job well done if you needed to take the career test for exploratory discovery or confirmation of your career path and direction.

Quiet on the Set:

dreams, aspirations, imagination, meditating, and visualizing

your future Career² Small Business opportunities...

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