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Oscar Winner

A great comment read by Denzel Washington in the Daily Word, "Don't aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference". GQ Q&A with Denzel Washington Also here's short article in Success Magazine's (5) Lessons from Denzel Washington paraphrased below; under each I suggest how you can apply these to your Career2 Small Business transition.


1. He suggest a partner who brings out the best in your creative endeavors.

I call these your supporting cast. Family, friends, and well wisher that

can participate in you acting out your career script.

2. He understands that as a working actor, the world is truly his stage.

No pun intended, but the world is actually "everybody's stage". When you

step out your door the props are already in place... the scene is already

set with trees, grass, flowers, birds, people, cars, stores, etc...

3. He prepares for his "role" by immersing himself through studying the


It's the same as researching your career potential. Discovering the fit for

your personal preference; studying to gain as much knowledge about your

choice(s), the purpose, potential, and opportunities. You would then write

your script.

4. Be an actor, not a celebrity, keep a low-profile.

Keeping a low-profile makes you mysterious. This works best initially when

you begin your new Career² Small Business it's more rewarding than office


5. Start small, he once played a "grape", George W. Carver used a peanut!!

Take small steps toward your ideal career. Perhaps, you can purchase

an item from the career(s) your considering, a magazine, a tool, bookmarking

websites... something that is personally inspiring and motivating to you.

Lights, camera, let's take ACTion!!!

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