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Reading Your Script

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Readers

When you read effectively, the text can come to life in

your head. You create a movie in your mind.

1. Do a "sneak" Preview

Before you read think: What do you already know about

the subject?

2. On the Set - Connect

As you read, connect the reading to an idea, and

experiences, it's a lot like...

3. The Leading Role: Question

As you read, monitor your understanding, how does it

relate to you?

4. Take One: Predict

Interact with the reading and think about how it may

change you?

5. Visual and Special Effects: Visualize

Form mental pictures in your mind, say to yourself - the

"movie" playing in my head shows...

6. The Director's Cut: Clarify

Slow down and make sure you understand, say to yourself

I can remember...

7. Be a Critic: Evaluate

Form opinions about the subject, say to yourself this

has affected me because...


Article is available at this link

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