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100 Conversations for Career Success: Learn to Network, Cold Call, and Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job

Chapter 1. Introducing Yourself: How to Communicate Your Offer

Do your research to help identify what skills, experiences, and

accomplishments your target employers appreciate.

Chapter 2. How to Wow Your Audience on The Phone

Listen to your telephone answering machine greetings.

Write down three strong quantitative success stories as bullet

points. Print list and your resume to keep in a folder near your

computer and in your car.

Chapter 3. How to Inform Your Network Searching for a Job

Secure a professional email address.

Focus your job search on more narrow targets.

Draft a Personal Marketing Plan (PMP) to share with your network.

Communicate your preferred jobs in the form of a PMP, rather

than circulating a resume.

Chapter 4. How to Cold Call

Before you pick up the phone to reach out to that potential

employer, do your research, build a script, practice it, and

prepare for any possibility.

Chapter 5. How to Contract And Inform References About Your Search

Who Should Be on Your List?

Whenever possible, choose people who have witnessed your work

firsthand. A current or immediate past supervisor is an

ideal addition to your list, as their opinions tend to carry more

weight than endorsements from colleagues or friends.

It's a total of 15 chapters. They are easy to read and resulted

oriented tasks to help you in your Career² Small Business.

Available at the link below the book.

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