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The Star In You

Star Power Reading™ exponential reading that gives you star power just like an actor reads a script. A script is a well thought out written story of a real or imagined set of events acted out by actors playing roles in scenes to convince viewers of it's authenticity. All actor's are first presented with a "script", they study the lines, rehearse the scenes, and are able to perform when the director says... ACTion! Star Power Reading™ gives you exponential growth in your Career² Small Business transition, I have created Cue Cards that may help you with this...

1. List all the books and/or audio on one specific "subject" area of your

ideal career on the cue cards. Then read each book (script) and let the

words flow through you as you discover and familiarize yourself with the

lines (the script). Read out loud the lines, the position (role), and

by repeating this it will help you to become comfortable with (your

role). Audio books makes this part of the process EASY, FAST, FUN; you

can play it all day and through the night as you sleep.

2. Research the script, read all the current news, book reviews, articles, and

blogs in your career field. What kind of character (your role) you have to

play in your "ideal" career. Know all you can about the job deSRCIPTion, a

total emergence into the subject. Then write your script, imagining what

are you going to say, do, act, the outfit your going to wear, (check images

at google for title of position) ... then practice, practice, practice,

in the mirror, with family, with friends!

3. Now, based on your research use the study your script cue cards for

studying words used in the job announcement or business opportunity

and their meaning. You can keep the cue cards in visible areas, (desk,

mirrior, etc., anyplace that you frequent daily); and use for affirmations,

or daily ACTion steps to take towards your ideal career as reminders.

Practice saying the words out loud, repeat your affirmations through out

the day, and do something on your daily ACTion list...

The Superstar Roadmap: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Careers

Career² Small Business....

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