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Three Keys to Your Career2


Three Keys to Thriving in Your Career, Organization, and Life

Don Maruska and Jay Perry

Key #1 Power Up Your Talent

1. Be Your Own Hero - Your talent lives inside a story. Everyone has a story about his or her

talent - what it is, how he or she has used it, and what’s gotten in the way. The hero story

is one of hope, obstacles overcome, and action. It is a story of new chapters, fresh energy,

getting unstuck, and taking charge.

Be The Hero of Your Own Talent - Everything we offer in this book is for

people who are ready to be heroes of their talent stories.

2. Explore a Talent Catalyst Conversation - Choose a topic about your talent that you’d like to

explore through a Talent Catalyst Conversation. Were would you like to do more with your

talent or enjoy it more? You don’t need to specify your topic perfectly.

3. Connect With a Catalyst - What is a Talent Catalyst? A Talent Catalyst is just what it sounds

like - a spark, in the form of a person who wakes you up to new possibilities through the

course of conversation with the person.

Key #2 Accelerate Through Obstacles

4. Keeping Hopes Humming+Grab Opportunities+Challenge Yourself

= Accelerate through Obstacles

We encourage you to use these obstacles to sharpen your skills, learn,

create and grow while inspiring others and the world around you.

5. Grab opportunities to Grow - To bring your hopes home, you will have to keep a vigilant

watch and grab opportunities that come your way.

6. Challenge Yourself to Stretch - Determine what a healthy stretch is for you. Is it a set of

small action, or do you need a bigger leap to get where you want to be?

Key #3 Create Enduring Career Assets+Share the Wealth and Everyone

Wins+Champion A Take-Charge Talent Culture=Multiply the Payoffs

for Yourself and Others

7. Create Enduring Career Assets - A clear formula will guide you to create career assets

using your unique talent, no matter what your specialty or position.

8. Share The Wealth Everyone Wins - Sharing our talent makes for a better world. Can you

imagine living without good books, great movies, delicious food, techie devices, and the

music you listen to on your way to work?

9. Champion A Take Charge Talent Culture - What have you discovered about yourself since

you opened this book? Maybe you've unearthed interest and opportunities that you never

imagined. Or maybe you have begun to look at life differently.

I hope these three keys open doors for you in your

Career² Small Business...

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