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Transition Made Easy

You can study or you can QuickStudy!

Quick Study is an easy, FAST, affordable way to learn about your subject(s),

most lamented cards are less than $6. FREE downloads are also available.

If you're just getting started you may need to simplify

your approach....

1. Try to line up your career search the first three days of the week.

Get an idea(s) of your career interest. Research the subject, then

implement what you have discovered about the requirements.

2. Create a resume and/or cover letter using some of the words

that match what they are looking for. Use action verbs, available

at this link. Fax or email early morning before 9 a.m.. Call the

company(s) for information or interview about the position

Tuesday morning, before 9 a.m..

2. Purchase magazines, or books from the library, and/or free

trade magazines about that particular career(s) opportunity

so that you can be current with present or future changes in

the industry.

4. Check out different websites on the subject(s), along with the

company(s) your are interested in. Read their blog post, and

newsletters. Keep in mind the names of individuals or departments

that match your ideal career choice, and perhaps email and/or

call them directly.

5. Explore careers using O*Net OnLine My Next Move, by keywords,

industry, or what you like to do in your Career² Small Business...


Get Paid for TESTING SITES. Free setup & instant activation....


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