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Deepak Choopra, Author of "The Seven Spirtual Laws of

Superheros: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World"

Superheros adhere to The Law of Power whereby they are subservient to no one, fearless, and able to empower others. Are you ready for this one?

Superheros follow the The Law of Love by taking on the suffering of others and coming up with creative solutions that no one else could have done.

Through The Law of Creativity, these wonder workers can "conquer any challenge and obstacle they may face".

Superheros are masters of The Law of Intention and The Law of Transcendence which enable them to take on the problems of the world.

Chopra concludes: "The superhero is the exquisite combination of dynamic action and stillness of mind".

1. The Law of Balance

2. The Law of Transformation

3. The Law of Power

4. The Law of Love

5. The Law of Creativity

6. The Law of Intention

7. The Law of Transcendence

also included

Activating the Superhero Brain

Superhero Reading List

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change The World by Chopra, Deepak Reprint Edition [Paperback(2012/6/5)]

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