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Write Your Career Script

A Journal & A Dream™

A Journal & A Dream started when I discovered this creative process as I was throwing out old magazines. I cut and pasted career related words, pictures, and quotes for inspiration and insight in a blank journal, like a storybook about my career change journey. I used words, pictures or both as a career guide to create random titles; then I would "write a question"referring to the title of the page, picture, or leave blank before going to sleep for the night, or taking a nap.

For example, one of my questions that I needed to know was if I should continue with this research project Career² Small Business. I wrote the question like this, "How can I make Career² Small Business profitable" ? I awoke the next morning, and immediately wrote "abundance is in the universe". I then researched the word abundance, and it means overflow, plenteous, etc.,

Yes, the answer was confirming and it keeps me excited and about the possibilities of this project!!! However, I didn't realize at the time I also was suppose to ask "how"?

But, I later wrote the question... "how do I tap into the "abundance of the universe"? And the answer was ... ideas!!!

Career2 Small Business



Be sure to record the date when you receive ideas, insights, or information

that was not readily available to you.

Be sure to take ACTion quickly, your answer give you hope, enthusiasms, and an inspiring vision of your career. Follow through each step of the research promptly on your answers, as this will give you a confirmation you're on the correct career path. Your answers will have a consistency. The more you take ACTion the more results you will get, the more the answers will come...

-clarity about your ideal career

-concepts to implement

-inspiring ideas

-innovative concepts

-brilliant breakthroughs

-awesome aha's

For example, I was looking through my vacation photos and I came across the photograph you see above. I took this picture last year and it literally reminds me "abundance is in the universe". I then came up with an idea to create Career² Small Business stationery using this very photo... this is one of the abundance of "ideas" I implemented for my Career² Small Business.

Lastly, you will get answers personally designed personally designed just for you,

because "you" create the questions:

-answers never thought of

-original ideas never heard of

-solutions to career problems

and strategies when implemented you will discover can lead to your ideal Career² Small Business, all you need is...

A Journal & A Dream

Buy Yours Today!

It's not a hobby, it's a dream..

© 2011-2014 Career² Small Business

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