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Your Movie

Want to Be a Movie Director

If someone saw a movie of your life so far, when the credits roll, what would they say? Take a minute to think about your life as a movie. How does the storyline in the movie develop. There is a character who wants something and overcomes some kind of conflict to get it. If the character in the move dosen't want something difficult to attain, there's no story.

In your life an inciting incident could be a layoff, firing, a promotion...

These incidents occur because you're part of an exciting story. The conflicts and challenges give value and direction to your ambitions. The same principles that make a great movie also make a great life. So you want to create memorable scenes in your movie. Every ACTion is permanent part of your life story...

Donald Miller author,

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years:

How I Learned to Live a Better Story

wrote out what he wanted his life to look like, as a movie script, and then started living out his story...

Five Tips for Making the Movie of Your Life Great:

1. Decide in advance what the story will be.

2. Welcome challenges as inciting incidents.

3. View every ACTion as a scene in your movie.

4. Choose the other acting characters.

5. Remeber that you are the director of this movie.

You are the star and the director!

What will Make Your Movie Remarkable?

What five (5) things do you need to happen between now and the end of the year for you to be producing your ideal movie?

You can find this article and other resources at 48 at this link

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